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Does AFSCO Fence Supply Co. install their wood fence by putting concrete footings on their wood fence posts?

No. AFSCO does not recommend that you attach concrete footings to your wood posts. By putting concrete on your wood post, you’re creating an area just underneath the soil that allows water to gather near ground level and rot your wood post at an exponentially faster rate than it would without the concrete footing. AFSCO Fence Supply uses pressure-treated wood to fabricate our wood fence posts. The normal life expectancy of a pressure treated wood post without a concrete footing can be anywhere from twenty to thirty years. With a concrete footing, you decrease the life expectancy of the wood fence post by more than half and set yourself up for a very taxing removal should you ever need to remove the wood fence post. AFSCO sets and tamps our wood fence posts with the soil that came out of the original hole and set our wood posts on average thirty two inches in the ground. This is a tried and true installation method and is the way that the majority of wood fences are installed throughout the country.