Chain Link Fence Saratoga Springs NY

Attractive Chain Link Fence 

Noted by its diagonal wire mesh pattern, chain link fence offers an attractive enclosure at consistently inexpensive prices. AFSCO Fence’s chain link fence meets the highest industry standards in terms of strength and longevity. We have all the necessary components and skilled staff ready to construct any amount of chain link fencing you need. With an extensive selection of styles, colors, and heights, our chain link fences are sure to meet all your design preferences!

Benefits of Chain Link Fences

Although the argument could be made that chain link fences don’t give you as much privacy as other fence materials, like wood, there are still quite a few benefits of getting a chain link fence. 

A sense of security – You can count on a chain link fence to give you some separation from neighbors and pedestrians passing your property. Your chain link fence will also give you a bit more security because someone would have to get through the gate before they could access your home.

Not too expensive – A chain link fence is also one of the cheaper options when it comes to cost, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank for a little bit more security around your home. Our fence company can also come by your property and help you decide if a chain link fence is the best option for your property.

Durable – Chain link fences can withstand high winds and heavy rain because they have holes in them. Metal is also a very durable fence material. Other fences are often damaged during storms because the wind knocks them over or the rain damages the material they are made of.

Low maintenance – The metal that chain link fences are made of can withstand the elements, so maintenance is next to nothing. An occasional power wash wouldn’t hurt, but it also isn’t necessary for chain link fences. Contact our fence company to schedule a time to install your chain link fence today.

PVC Coated Chain Link Fence

Available in the Queensbury, Latham & Saratoga Springs, NY areas!

AFSCO Fence’s line of chain link fences are maintenance free, providing an economical and attractive fence solution. AFSCO’s PVC coated chain link fences are available in two standard colors being black or green. PVC coated chain link fences are ideal for residential and commercial applications, where the cosmetic factor is equal to the need for security i.e. pools, backyards, parks, hospitals, tennis courts, back stops, etc..

PVC coated chain link fence is manufactured by a special process that produces a coating which is impervious to air. It is free of blemishes and is extruded to the galvanized material to eliminate porosity and pull-away. This process virtually eliminates the occurrences of rust and corrosion. AFSCO PVC coated chain link fence will provide many years of maintenance-free protection and beauty.

  • You can add privacy slats to your chain link fence as an option for your privacy.
  • Portable dog runs and kennels are available in a variety of sizes.