Why should I, the customer, choose AFSCO Fence Supply Co. to install my fence?

AFSCO Fence Supply Co. is a company that you can count and rely on season after season. AFSCO Fence have been in business for over 40 years and has some of the most talented and driven fence people in the entire country. We strive to continue providing quality and professional installations throughout the northeast and capital regions of New York State to our residential customers and our commercial customer base. We promise to work with all of our customers very closely so that we ensure that our customers receive the best recommendations, the best fences, and one of the best business experiences for their time and money in the entire northeast region and capital regions of New York State.

Thank you for your consideration!

What will happen to the appearance of my newly installed cedar wood fence, should I decide to not stain or paint it?

Should you decide to not stain or paint your cedar wood fence, the natural oils contained in the wood will be leeched out by the sunlight and seasonal weather conditions (i.e. rain, snow, etc.) resulting in a natural and subtle change in color to a grayish-silver.

How long will my AFSCO PVC fence last?

An AFSCO PVC fence will last a virtual lifetime. It will never require maintenance like you would a wood fence. Just the occasional rinsing of your fence with a hose. See our PVC products page for more information!

How long will my AFSCO cedar wood fence last if left untreated?

An AFSCO cedar wood fence installed to the recommended specifications of your experienced AFSCO Fence sales associate will last fifteen to twenty years. See our Wood products page for more information!

How long does AFSCO Fence Supply Co. recommend waiting before painting or staining a newly installed cedar wood fence?

AFSCO recommends that you wait at least 2 months before staining or painting your newly installed cedar wood fence. The longer the wood has the time to dry out, the better the sealant, stain, or paint will take to the cedar wood fence material.

Does AFSCO Fence Supply Co. sell and install wrought iron fencing?

We do not sell wrought iron fencing. True wrought iron fencing is a dying art that is difficult to find and expensive to purchase. Most of the fence industry has made the transition to ornamental aluminum fence or ornamental steel welded panels which do not have the high costs of labor and material associated with true wrought iron. These ornamental fences do not have the high maintenance problems of wrought iron fence. See our Ornamental page for more information on AFSCO’s alternative to wrought iron fence.

Does AFSCO Fence Supply Co. offer a warranty with their products and installations?

AFSCO Fence Supply Co. provides our customers with a two year workmanship warranty on every installation that we do. If your gate is not working properly, if a post is heaving, etc., we expect our customers to give us a call so that we can make time to meet with our customers and provide them with the solution and the fence adjustment that the fence will need to make sure our customers are 100% happy with the work that we’ve done for them. Materials are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty policy

Does AFSCO Fence Supply Co. install their wood fence by putting concrete footings on their wood fence posts?

No. AFSCO does not recommend that you attach concrete footings to your wood posts. By putting concrete on your wood post, you’re creating an area just underneath the soil that allows water to gather near ground level and rot your wood post at an exponentially faster rate than it would without the concrete footing. AFSCO Fence Supply uses pressure-treated wood to fabricate our wood fence posts. The normal life expectancy of a pressure treated wood post without a concrete footing can be anywhere from twenty to thirty years. With a concrete footing, you decrease the life expectancy of the wood fence post by more than half and set yourself up for a very taxing removal should you ever need to remove the wood fence post. AFSCO sets and tamps our wood fence posts with the soil that came out of the original hole and set our wood posts on average thirty two inches in the ground. This is a tried and true installation method and is the way that the majority of wood fences are installed throughout the country.

Does AFSCO Fence Supply Co. install their residential chain link fence by putting concrete footings on their chain link posts?

Only on the hinge and latch posts for gates. Fence companies across the country now use residential post anchors. First the posts are driven into the ground approximately two to three feet (depending on the height of the fence.) Secondly, the anchors are attached, driven into the ground (while sleeved around the post), twisted, and buried to eliminate any possibility of the fence post moving, heaving, or twisting. This is a strong and durable installation mechanism which provides you with the stability that you’d come to expect from your chain link fence.

Does AFSCO Fence Supply Co. install their PVC fence by sleeving their PVC post over a wood 4”x 4” post?

No. AFSCO uses a thick walled PVC post which only requires that the post hole be dug approximately 30 inches and filled with concrete so that the AFSCO PVC post can be set in it and provide our customer with a permanent installation for their home or business. The thick walled PVC posts are strong enough to withhold strong winds, strong rains, and strong winter conditions when combined with a quality AFSCO installation.

Does AFSCO Fence Supply Co. install their ornamental fence by putting concrete footings on their fence posts?

Yes. All ornamental fence installations are done with concrete footings for each and every post.

Do AFSCO Fence Supply Co. cedar wood fences come pre-stained or painted?

No. AFSCO Fence Supply Co.’s cedar wood fence is sold to the customer without any prior staining or painting. AFSCO Fence Supply Co. leaves the responsibility of painting or staining their fence to the customer.