Plattsburgh International Airport - Plattsburgh, NY

Braving the cold weather, AFSCO Fence has been working hard to provide new perimeter fencing at the Plattsburgh International Airport. Formerly the Plattsburgh Air Force Base, all airline service in Plattsburgh goes through the airport. It is in the process of beginning to expand its terminal building to accommodate more passengers and provide more gates for aircraft.

Did you know? Plattsburgh International’s runway is large and strong enough to land a space shuttle?! It was on a list of alternate landing sites for shuttles during the second half of the Cold War.

This portion of the project was unique – AFSCO had to set many of the posts 5’ on center, with some of the posts 6’3” in the ground! As always, AFSCO was prepared, willing and able to meet these needs head on!

A very special thank you to Rifenburg Construction for the opportunity to work with them on this project!