Wood Fence

Wood Fence

Durable White Cedar Wood Fence 

Available in the Latham, Queensbury & Saratoga, NY Areas

A Commitment To Quality Fencing

AFSCO Fence's commitment to quality begins in our manufacturing facility where AFSCO professionals construct our diverse line of wood fences. AFSCO selects premium white cedar wood to manufacture our line of wood fence panels. Following strict guidelines, we provide our customers with versatile designs ready to be quickly installed.

Benefits of White Cedar Wood Fencing

White cedar is naturally resistant to decay and termites, a characteristic not shared by pine or spruce wood. This minimizes future maintenance that may be routine for other fence materials. Additionally, white cedar has a distinguished grain and texture, giving you a wide selection of finishes to choose from. Cedar may be left unfinished and weather-bleach naturally to a silvery grey or it can be stained to add color and contrast to your landscaping around your home.

Pressure Treated Posts 

All wood fence posts are manufactured from pressure treated lumber, offering additional protection against microorganisms that can cause decay. You can depend on our wood fences to withstand the elements over time and offer protection around your home.

Additional Wood Products We Offer:

    Rustic Cedar Post & Rail Systems
    Horse Paddock Fence Systems
    Wooden Gates

Need Help Designing Your Fence?

AFSCO Fence offers complete design services to insure reliability, security, functionality and UL compliancy. Contact Us to get started.

Wood Fence Styles

  • Spaced BoardSpaced Board
  • Spaced PicketSpaced Picket
  • StockadeStockade
  • Solid Privacy BoardSolid Privacy Board
  • Victorian Ornamental PicketVictorian Ornamental Picket
  • Traditional Ornamental PicketTraditional Ornamental Picket
  • Convex Solid Privacy BoardConvex Solid Privacy Board
  • Concave Solid Privacy BoardConcave Solid Privacy Board
  • Spaced IngersolSpaced Ingersol
  • BenningtonBennington
  • Solid IngersolSolid Ingersol
  • 4' Privacy & 2' Diagonal Lattice Accent4' Privacy & 2' Diagonal Lattice Accent
  • Board on BoardBoard on Board
  • WhitneyWhitney
  • 5' Privacy & 1' Horizontal/Vertical Lattice Accent5' Privacy & 1' Horizontal/Vertical Lattice Accent
  • 5' Privacy & 1' Diagonal Lattice Accent5' Privacy & 1' Diagonal Lattice Accent

Wood Post & Boards

Find the best privacy board or spaced board fence for your home or business by choosing from the following custom topped boards and post top styles! Posts available in 4” X 4” and 5” X 5” sizes.

Wood Fence Post & Board Styles

Wood Post Caps

Add a touch of elegance to your fence by adding decorative slip over post caps! Post caps available in 4” X 4” and 5” X 5” sizes.

Wood Fence Post Caps