Newport Mailbox Post

Newport Mailbox Post


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Handsomely Detailed

The Newport Mail Post offers you more than just a functional place to pick up your mail.  Their exquisite detailing creates a dramatic difference to any home. COLORS: White, Clay, Granite, or Black

Specifications: MADE FROM: Polyethylene


These Vinyl PVC plastic mailbox posts provide total freedom from maintenance. They never need painting, staining, or sealing to keep their exceptional good looks. They will not fade, or yellow and have been field proven to maintain their color. They will not crack, split, warp or peel like wood or corrode like metal arbors.

The difference is all in the details. Combining exclusive architectural features with timeless beauty or tradition, the products are designed and manufactured to bring you pleasure year after year. All Products come complete, with illustrated instructions making the installation fast and simple. No special skills, procedures, or tools are necessary. Shipped via UPS direct to your doorstep.

Product Detail

Mayne mailbox posts are manufactured by molding premium high-grade polyvinyl and polyethylene around modern structural elements to provide long-lasting beauty, durability and quality. Imagine the freedom of almost maintain-free mail box post and other outdoor products. No painting, no treating, no sealing… just enjoying, enjoying, enjoying. Unlike wood, Mayne products keep their good looks year after year with just an occasional rinse with a garden hose. That’s the real beauty of the entire family of products from Mayne.