Aussie Auger Post Mount System

Aussie Auger Post Mount System


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No digging means a faster, cleaner and easier way to install your arbor than you ever thought possible. In other words, leave your shovel and wheelbarrow in the garage… no need for concrete, either! The Aussie Auger System is the ideal solution to save you time and unnecessary stress. Sold as an option for arbors not including a ground mounting system.

Details: Available for 3½", 4" or 5" posts


(see additional images for visual reference)

1. Identify the “footprint” of the arbor and move temporarily. Ensure that the location of the Aussie Auger Anchors are square to each other.

2. Keep the Aussie Augers as level as possible. Design allows for some flexibility.

3. Screw the Aussie Augers into the ground. Apply water before starting in extremely dry conditions.

4. Drop plastic sleeves over installed Aussie Augers.

5. Install protective tip cap horizontally through plastic sleeve into anchor to lock the two together.

6. Slide assembled arbor side panels over plastic sleeves.

7. Install fastening screw through the base molding to secure the arbor to the plastic sleeve.

8. Enjoy!